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Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS)APMS

The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety™ (APMS™) is a federally-listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO). The mission of APMS is to encourage a culture of safety by providing recommendations on best practices and workflow processes designed to reduce medication errors, improve medication use and minimize patient risk.

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Companies

Pharmacists MutualPharmacists Mutual is OPA's exclusively endorsed provider of insurance products and services.

Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service (PAAS)

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Pharmacy Marketing Group (PMG)


Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)


Rx Patrol

RxPATROL  will gather information from pharmacy theft reports and serve as a clearing house to disseminate pertinent leads to the law enforcement community.

APSC Independent Pharmacy Cooperative/Student Info

APSC Foundation Financial Assistance Program

Clinical Edge


Department of Veterans Affairs


Health Careers Network


Indispensable Healthcare


Medicare Outreach Training Resource Center

  • Train the Trainer Guidelines - Contains guidance on preparing Train the Trainer sessions. Using experience from various states, presents a step-by-step process in organizing not only extensive Train the Trainer sessions that prepare pharmacists to train other pharmacists, but also guidance in organizing general training sessions. Will be updated often as feedback is received.
  • Tips on Presenting to an Adult Audience - 10 helpful tips to remember to enhance your presentation delivery and effectiveness when presenting to the general public.
  • CE Program: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Helping Patients With More Choices and Better Benefits
  • Medicare Power Point Presentations



RPh on the Go USA Inc.


Rx Career Center


Rx Insider Pharmacy Jobs


United Pharmacy Network