Legislative Updates

January Legislative Update: Reform Proposals on DIR Fees

OPA joins a large coalition of national pharmacy groups in applauding the latest version of the bipartisan Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act, ...

December Legislative Update: Expanding LAI and Medicaid PBMs

On November 5, OPA Independent Special Interest Group Chair Mimi Hart and OPA Director of Government & Pubic Affairs Antonio Ciaccia went to the Ohio Statehouse to provide testimony in support of HB 341, which seeks to expand the portfolio of medications that pharmacists can administer to patients.

October Legislative Update: Senators Brown and Portman push for DIR fee reforms

Ohio is ground zero for pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) disruption. OPA has spent significant time and resources breaking open the black box, and working with ...

September Legislative Update: CBD in Medical Marijuana Law

Governor Mike DeWine has signed SB 57, sponsored by Senator Steve Huffman and former Senator Brian Hill, which adjusts the Ohio medical marijuana laws by authorizing the sale of

August Legislative Update: Fixing the Broken Medicaid Payment Model

On July 18, Governor Mike DeWine signed the state budget bill, obliterating the current pharmacy benefits system ...