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January 5: State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy Nominations Deadline

Consider Applying for the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy

Want to make a difference? Consider applying for the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Annually, the Governor appoints two pharmacists to serve a four-year term. The Board's primary purpose is to protect the citizens in the State of Ohio by ensuring safe drug distribution. With the practice of pharmacy changing so quickly, your expertise is invaluable to the citizens of Ohio. As a Board Member, you will be involved in licensure, rule making, and disciplinary hearings. You will evaluate new technology, standards of practice, and information distribution systems. For a truly rewarding experience, consider applying today.

General Considerations for Appointment

  1. Be prepared to spend at least three workdays per month away from principal occupation within the borders of Ohio attending meetings lasting from 8 to 10 hours per day.
  2. Have the option of attending District IV NABP meetings (in neighboring Indiana, Illinois, Michigan or Wisconsin) and the national NABP convention which meets in various cities around the country.
  3. Be willing to file Ohio Ethics Commission Financial Disclosure Statements and refrain from any official activity which may be interpreted to be a conflict of interest.
  4. Expect to serve on subcommittees of the Board and to spend time, aside from regular Board meetings, on special problems or projects.
  5. Be ever mindful that the Board members' responsibility is first to the public and then to the profession, and that any ethical, economic or professional conflicts must always be decided in the best interest of the public health and welfare.
  6. Be agreeable to spending one day in the Pharmacy Board Office in orientation to the duties of a Board member and to familiarize yourself to the NABP Board Member's Manual.


>Click here to complete the OPA State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy vacancy application.

January 5, 2024 is the deadline for submitting nominations to the OPA Legal & Regulatory Committee. You may either nominate someone or apply yourself using the online nomination form above.

For more information, contact the OPA office at 614.389.3236 or

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