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Podcast: Pharmacy Leadership talks Rutledge v PCMA

Last week we had amazing news in pharmacy! The Supreme Court decided the Rutledge v PCMA case 8-0 in favor of Rutledge, that states can regulate pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs).

To discuss what this means for pharmacy and how it all happened, I was privileged to have NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey, APhA CEO Scott Knoer, Arkansas Pharmacists Association CEO John Vinson and 46 Brooklyn CEO Antonio Ciaccia all join me to share their insights and knowledge of the case.

All of these individuals and organizations played vital roles in this case and share some just incredible viewpoints that all pharmacists should here. I can't stress enough how vital there work on this case was and why we need to go and support them now and in the future!

Podcast: Pharmacy Leadership talks Rutledge v PCMA

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