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March 20: Applications for NPX Advisory Team Due

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If you are within 7 years of graduation, your OPA membership gives you access to the New Practitioner Experience (NPX), which is a group for all new practitioners to help you achieve personal and professional success. Learn more about NPX.

NPX is currently looking for interested individuals to take active leadership roles on the NPX Advisory Team. There are three position openings: Vice-Chair, Member-at-Large, and Launchpad Editor-in-Chief. 

  • Vice-Chair is a two-year commitment that transitions to the role of Chair in year two. This individual will work closely with the Chair to guide the overall direction of the group.
  • Member-at-Large is a two-year term and this individual is responsible, along with the two other Members-at-Large, for representing the voice of the new practitioner members of the Ohio Pharmacists Association.
  • Coordinator for Launchpad, NPX’s quarterly newsletter, is also a two-year commitment. Responsibilities include obtaining and coordinating article submissions, completing final edits before web publishing, and ensuring that important news is relayed to the new practitioner membership. 

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