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Criminal Records Check Required for Initial Licensure

As required by HB 104, which was recently signed by Governor Strickland, Ohio law now states that the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy shall not grant an initial license to a pharmacist or pharmacist intern unless the applicant submits to a criminal records check.   The law will require the applicant to submit fingerprints to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The results of the criminal records check will then be required to be forwarded to the Board of Pharmacy for review.

You must go to a National WebCheck (NWC) provider agency to start the process. The Board of Pharmacy will only accept a criminal records check based on electronic fingerprint impressions submitted to an NWC designated agency located in Ohio.  The applicant must come to Ohio and personally provide electronic fingerprint impressions at any of the 88 Ohio county sheriffs' offices or any other NWC designated provider.  To view a complete list of NWC provider agencies, visit the WebCheck Community Listing located at this direct link on the Ohio Attorney General's website:

Make sure you select an agency that has NWC listed after the name. Contact the NWC provider agency to determine the total fee(s) and the accepted method(s) of payment. Fees include:  BCI&I/$22, plus FBI/$24, and some agencies may charge a processing fee (e.g., $5-$40).  Also, verify if any additional materials are needed (e.g., photo ID).  Note, some agencies have restricted hours and may require you to schedule an appointment.

While at the NWC provider site:
1)  request both a BCI&I and FBI criminal records check;
2)  pay the required fees directly to the NWC provider;
3)  request the background check results be sent to:

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
77 S. High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, OH  43215-6126

4)  indicate the reason fingerprinted as: Required for licensing/permit per ORC 4729.071;
5)  if requested, list agency code as:  1AB002.

Generally, criminal records check results will be received within seven to 10 days of submission.  After the Board of Pharmacy receives your results, the licensing process will proceed. 

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