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New Practitioner Experience (NPX)

What is NPX?

NPX is an automatic and free, Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) member benefit that provides leadership, advocacy, networking and practice development opportunities to pharmacists in their first 7 years of practice. Not a member? Not a problem, Join OPA Today!


To be the launch pad for all new practitioners to achieve personal and professional growth and success.


The mission of the OPA New Practitioner Experience (NPX) is to serve as a catalyst for the transition from student to pharmacist by providing new practitioners the opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth and success. This will be accomplished through leadership, advocacy, networking and practice development opportunities.

NPX Advisory Team 2019-20           

Dana Bachmann

Chair: Dana Wilkerson, PharmD, MS

System Ambulatory Pharmacy Manager with Holzer Health System/Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

Kristine Mason Vice-Chair: Kristine Mason, PharmD, MS

Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University

Emily Eddy

Member-at-Large: Emily Eddy, R.Ph., PharmD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Ohio Northern University

 Lindsay Tsai

Member-at-Large: Lindsay Tsai, R.Ph., PharmD

Pharmacist with Kroger Pharmacy

Marilee Clemons  

Member-at-Large: Marilee Clemons, R.Ph., PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist at University of Toledo General Internal Medicine

Lauren Castle

Launchpad Coordinator: Lauren Castle, R.Ph., PharmD

Market Health and Wellness Director for Walmart


NPX Event Recap: Welcome to NP Life

Marilee Clemons, R.Ph., PharmD

The New Practitioner Experience (NPX) held Welcome to NP Life at OPA on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the OPA office. The event consisted of two hours of personal finance programming and two hours of ACPE-accredited CPE on conflict management and expanding your network.

Tim Ulbrich, PharmD provided two sessions on personal finance. His first session walked new practitioners through various loan payoff strategies to help them determine whether or not they have the best payoff strategy in place. His second session focused on investments where he explained and simplified long-term investment strategies, so that new practitioners could easily apply them to their personal life.

Lauren Castle, PharmD, Launchpad Coordinator for NPX, described five different styles used in conflict management, and provided an active learning exercise to demonstrate how they could be utilized in different scenarios. This session was especially helpful as many pharmacists are placed in management or leadership positions, but little time is devoted in college curricula or job training to learn conflict management techniques.

The final session was provided by Jaclyn Boyle, PharmD, M.S., MBA on expanding pharmacist networks, specifically through optimization of LinkedIn. During this session, Dr. Boyle provided information about different aspects of LinkedIn to enhance current profiles to make a valuable online first impression and grow professional networks.

This was an excellent event to promote the personal and professional growth of new practitioners. It was followed by a social at Pins Mechanical Co. in Dublin. We thank Kroger for their support of NP Life at OPA.

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Welcome to NP Life

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