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We don't get many opportunities like the one on March 15

To my pharmacist colleagues residing in Wyandot, Crawford, Marion, Seneca, and Morrow Counties,

I’m sending this note today to ask for your support in an effort that could have a great impact on pharmacy in the state of Ohio.

It’s pretty rare that we have the opportunity to support a pharmacist running for a key position in the state legislature, and it’s even rarer to have that pharmacist also as a Past President of OPA.

Well today, I’m telling you that that opportunity is now, and it just so happens to be happening in your district.

I’m pleased and excited that OPA Past President Tom Whiston is running for State Representative in your area, and we have many reasons to support his run for office.   I am personally giving him my support, as I hope you will too.  Tom was OPA President in 2013, and during that year I got to know him well.  He never slows down.  He served as Mayor of Mount Gilead, then as  Morrow County Commissioner, all while continuing to operate his third-generation independent pharmacy, Whiston Pharmacy. 

Tom was extremely active in working with your Board and Legislative Committee to get an aggressive legislative agenda started that resulted in very positive pharmacy legislation.  He also has a strong knowledge of how things work in Congress, and I had trouble keeping up with him as he seemed to run from one appointment in Congress to another discussing pharmacy’s agenda.  I gained a lot of respect for Tom’s leadership and vision during our year together. 

Having a pharmacist from your district in the legislature gives you a more direct voice in the issues that matter.  Yes, there are many pharmacy issues that Tom could give input and advice to those who carry the legislation, and those who will vote for it.   But you are also sending someone that the legislators turn to for advice on various health care issues, whether pharmacy-related or not.  Why?  Because there is only one other pharmacist in the legislature, and only two physicians.  That leaves 130 people in the legislature who have little medical background, and who appreciate the input of their fellow members who have that understanding.

Early voting has already begun, and the primary is just a couple weeks away. Tom is running in the Republican primary for the 87th Ohio House District, and there is no Democrat challenger in November. So that means, if Tom wins on March 15, he is a shoe-in to take the seat. Tom has been endorsed by almost every major player in the area, including the folks who currently represent the area: Congressman Pat Tiberi, Senator (and pharmacist) Dave Burke, and Representative Jeff McClain, who currently holds the seat.

Even with all of that support, polling has shown that it will be a very tight race. Tom will need each of your support in order to bring home a victory. Please consider pulling the lever for Tom in this important Ohio House of Representatives race.

Also, I hope that you’ll strongly consider writing a check for Tom’s campaign, as I have.  AND, remember that you are allowed a up to $100 cumulative tax CREDIT for giving to state officials’ campaigns. For a link to make an online donation to Tom's campaign, click here.

We need all pharmacists in the area to vote for Tom Whiston on March 15.

Thanks for giving your support to our friend, Tom.

Ernie Boyd, R.Ph.
Executive Director
Ohio Pharmacists Association

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