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Tech Bill Passes

SB 203, the Pharmacy Technician legislation was passed by the Ohio House on Tuesday, December 16, and received concurrence in the Senate.   The bill is now on its way to the Governors desk for signature.  SB 203 will become effective in 90 days or at the end of March 2009.  The Board of Pharmacy will take up the task of writing rules in January and February.  Keep in mind that many details will be worked out during the writing of the rules, and we will keep a close eye on those rules as they are being developed. The following is a summary of the key points of the new legislation.

"Qualified pharmacy technician" means a person whom, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, all of the following apply:

Several caveats to these requirements exist:

What does SB 203 allow a "qualified pharmacy technician" do?

In a pharmacy or while performing a function of the pharmacy and under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, a qualified pharmacy technician may do any of the following:

a. engage in the compounding of any drugs

b. package or label any medication

c. prepare or mix any intravenous medication to be injected into a human being

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