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Online Home-Study Grading Available!

For many years, OPA has offered home-study, continuing pharmacy education (CPE) via the award-winning Ohio Pharmacist journal. OPA grades nearly 700 home-study quizzes each month and uploads CPE credit to the CPE Monitor at the end of each month on behalf of our members.

Our members have asked for a more convenient way to submit completed CPE quizzes for credit. OPA now offers YOU the simplicity of completing the quizzes online and submitting your CPE credit online via LecturePanda. No need to wait until the end of the month to see if CPE credit was awarded.

If you choose to submit your monthly journal CPE credit online, you must pay for the full year of quizzes. If you have pre-paid for the monthly home-study, jurisprudence, and/or patient/medication safety CPE, thank you! You were sent an email that provides your unique code/s to bypass the payment in LecturePanda. If you have not pre-paid, payment can be completed through the LecturePanda registration. 

You can find the LecturePanda links to submit your 2022 and 2023 monthly journal home-study quizzes on the OPA website. From the Membership tab, select Ohio Pharmacist Journal Online CPE Credit in the 'Members Only' section. You may also access it from the Education tab, select Ohio Pharmacist Journal Online CPE Credit in the 'Continuing Education Programs' section. It can also be found in the Latest News Archives. 

Prefer to complete the quiz by pen and paper? No problem! You may still submit your home-study quizzes via mail, fax, or email! At OPA, we understand everyone has their own preferences and want to serve our members in the way that best fits their lifestyle! If you do not have the unique code to bypass payment, or to receive the member rate for jurisprudence or patient/medication safety CPE, contact OPA staff at 614.389.3236 or

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